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Get Rich Quick?

Get-rich-quick-IdeaThere’s a scam a day out there, people. Be careful. Anything that sounds too good to be true….

So why do people continue to sign-up for “educational courses” that exist for the sole reason of selling you on even larger promotional packages?

Because you will learn a little along the way. Very little. But just enough to string you along to buy more packages.

Anyone who has invested time or money in realindex estate or stocks knows that there are “tricks” or insights you might learn in 30 minutes spent with someone who knows more than you do. My husband sits with other men who are interested in such things and pours info into their lives. It’s not a paid 3761c55f69ee6db4cfd9763745d40966mentorship—it’s a friend helping a friend. Some of the guys have lost top jobs and million-dollar-plus homes in this economy.

Benedetto might pass on DVD courses that he’s found helpful, or lend them a book, any of which they could buy for themselves. Yet they want him to show them a fool-proof way to MAKE BUCKS NOW.

I understand that. But as with anything, there is a risk involved. With jobs, with relationships, with investments. Combine that with the fact that most of us only turn to get_rich_quick1-300x266others for help when we’re in a really bad situation… and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Your financial resources are diminishing. You see an “opportunity” that sounds plausible. You need to pay for the course… yet you’ll quickly earn back that money and much, much more… so you bite.

And get lured into a half-day, three-day, or seven-day sales pitch for MORE, MORE MORE. And it’s not more money for you, but more money for the promoters.

Just say no. Don’t do it.

Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes-Image-1Head out to a bookstore and plunk down 20 bucks for a book. Or go to a library and borrow it for free. You’ll learn more by quickly skimming a content-oriented book than all of this HYPE-HYPE-HYPE !!! ACT NOW !!! GET READY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE !!! YOU CAN’T LOSE WITH OUR METHOD !!! stuff.

We know of a nice couple on the verge of losing their house. Going to work at a minimum-wage job will not help them overget-rich-quick-not the hump. Going to work at an above-average-wage job will not give them enough to save their mansion. Their jobs were down-sized and they’re not working in the upper of the upper-echelon corporate arena any longer. And they’re in trouble.

So what do they do? Buy an investing course, buy airline tickets to fly to the investment course twice for two weekends far away from home because it’s happening NOW, and it’s going to help you NOW, and you can’t lose by using their system of investing but only if you do it NOW.

159558-abc12d2a-a7e5-11e3-900e-99186aa12c4dAnd that’s what they did. Plunked down $10,000. That was their investment and the “sure-fire strategies” that they learned have lost them even more money.

Save your money. Invest your money. Use your money to earn more money. But not with get-rich-quick schemes that only make more money… for others.

I can’t believe they did that.

Don’t do that, okay?


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