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Gifted Hands: A Story of Hope

GiftedHandsTheBenCarsonStory2009I like to surround myself with stories of courage and hope.  Whenever I see or hear such a narrative, I pass them on to my family and friends.

Well, friends, here’s one for you today.  We all need some encouragement now and then, and this story will do it for you.

Either in written or film format, “Gifted Hands:  The Ben Carson Story”, will inspire you to be more and do more.  The movie is available on YouTube or Netflix, about an hour-and-a-half in length, with the lead played by Cuba Gooding, Jr.  It’s a few years old, but I just heard about it, and since we seem to be on a movie review jag, here it is.

This is the story of a young boy and his brother, living in Detroit with a gifted-hands5single mom who possessed a 3rd grade education and was married when she was 13.  The husband started dealing drugs, and had another wife, and things went from bad to worse.  They divorced.

The boy, Ben, failed every single subject in school.  It was progress when he received a “D”.

Without giving away this amazing story, the mother decided 009GHA_Cuba_Gooding_Jr_001to deal with her own psychiatric hurts and pains, while insisting that her boys turn off the television and start reading.  The two began to excel, even in the face of prejudice and having no immediate role models.

Ben attended Yale, where his grades were no longer stellar, and he was in danger of losing his scholarship, until his 009GHA_Gordon_Michaels_002girlfriend with a triple major coached him how to study.  He was then admitted to Johns Hopkins Medical School against all odds.

Ben Carson is now the top pediatric neurosurgeon in the world, pioneering new procedures and in demand worldwide.  He credits his mother, reading books, and faith for his success in life, and has written motivational books giving his own step-by-step game plan.

Our four teens were in shock-and-awe about how Ben Carson turned his life around and began to achieve what he earlier imagined impossible.  I think it may have given them more than average hope for their futures, too.


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