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Goal-Setting & Dreaming the Impossible

smart goal setting conceptI requested that our entire family watch a motivational speaker recently on the subject of goal-setting. The points contained most of the usual wisdom, helpful to review and possibly new for some of them.

Each year, we go through the paces of our kids writing down targets to reach, but often, they lose them, misplace them, never refer to them again. It’s all pie-in-the-sky.

This year would be different!

We learned to take seven to ten goals for the year and maybe break them down to three or so main targets per quarter to focus on. I thought this was smart. Doing a little bit, spread across too many areas, could result in slowed-down outcomes. The speaker also suggested limiting the overload of too many subgroups under each main goal.

Guilty. Lol. I loved to organize my plans so much that I might not ever have time to accomplish anything!

But probably most important of all — after writing things down, posting them somewhere wherecr you would see them, reviewing the list daily, while working on them in manageable chunks — was the notion of keeping the goals predominantly in the discomfort zone. That was a new one.

I like it: the old stretching is better than sitting idea….

crAnd even more important was the notion that seemingly-impossible goals were the ones that held potential enough to inspire us. Big, bold and beautiful targets that would take us to the next level without being delusional.

I’m inspired, I’m pumped, I’m going to be responsible and take pen to paper, setting up a sweet action plan for 2018.

How about you?


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