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Going Out with a Bang!

fall_leavesWhy do human beings slow down with the passage of time? We’re told, in many respects, that as soon as we are born, we begin to die.

Pleasant thought.

The aches, the pains, the degeneration.

Today, I’d like to turn that around by examining the changing leaves and foliage all around us. The leaves are about to drop and die, or is it die and drop?

No idea. But the point is, before they go, the trees offer up their leaves in a burst of glory. Their flash of brilliance amazes all of us, causing smiles.

As for me, I hope to age by becoming kinder, wiser, stronger, healthier. Rather than breathe my last breath, full of pain and disease, I am aiming for a autumncontented sigh and passing into the presence of the Lord, talking with loved ones before talking with the Most Loved One.

You might say, “But Alexandra, isn’t that what all imagine their final days to be?”

Not really.

I have been personally acquainted with those purchasing wheelchair-accessible homes with extra-wide doorways long before they experienced the slightest problem-! In my opinion, that’s planning for the worst….

thDecades before their demise, it’s all they can speak about. Probably most of us need to plan a bit more, in order to not leave our loved ones in the lurch, but death and dying should not consume our every waking moment.

Rather than get bitter, let’s get better. Rather than shrivel up like a grape becoming a raisin, why not envision good preservation through pickling? You know, the cucumber becomes a juicy pickle and the olive turns from tart to edible.

Look for the best, age gracefully, believe for constant growth and productivity… and a blaze of glory as the fall leaves remind us.


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