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Golf Garb

newfile_10056So, our oldest son who will be pushing 18 years old come fall, is working part-time at a golf course this summer. He loads golf clubs into carts, preps the carts for customers, rides around on a mesh-enclosed tractor-like cart to scoop up hundreds of wayward balls and more. As anyone starting a new job, he wondered what to wear.

Moi: Have they said anything about a dress code? Is there a uniform?

Petya: No, nothing.

Moi: What do you want to wear?

Petya: I don’t know. What do you think?

Moi: Khaki pants and a polo shirt. I’m not sure how upscale the clubkhaki-mens-cargo-shorts is, but a collared shirt is a given. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a cap, comfortable shoes….

The next week he switched to cargo shorts due to the incredible heat. No cap.

The third week, Petya wore mustard shorts and got a lot of positive comments. After all, bright is in for guys in resort settings.

thI looked online and did some sleuthy research. Not really imagining him as part of the Banlon crowd, I took a peek at what golf garb had to offer these days. In my own limited experience, bright out on the links was good as long as it wasn’t over-the-top.

I recall my days at Carnoustie, Scotland, speaking in a conference on the well-known golf course. Everyone appeared classic and sporty. Perhaps I would steer Petya in that direction, or a bright Bermudian golf look.

What to avoid? Apparently a brand by the name of “Loudmouth maide_pant_red_tall_01Men’s Golf Pants”, which were, in my opinion, beyond-gauche golf gear. Instead, I scooped up for him some red pants and lime green shorts at my favorite outlet store. At these prices, I knew we couldn’t go wrong.

Therefore, the next time he had to beat off a big black snake entering the course, or request golfers to remain on the path rather than ruin the fairway by driving on it, or wade out into the rough to collect balls, he would do it in style.


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