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Good News, Anyone?

crAll around us, there is bad news. Unless it’s a tag-on after the rest of the news, few positive, human-interest stories are ever shared.

Being a news junkie myself, I generally know the minute that someone else has sneezed halfway across the world…. And most of it is bad, let’s be honest.

Nigerian schoolgirls being kidnapped repeatedly by Boko Haram with forced conversions to Islam and forced marriages, Russian journalists turning up dead right and left, Indian children and teens gang-raped in unprecedented numbers, and on and on we could go. Items that make the news tend to be negative.

Very negative.

It was then that I came across the Good News Network (www.goodnewsnetwork.org). No, I am not crconnected with them in any way, just happened upon their site overflowing with pieces full of happy endings to make you smile.

This one had a dark backdrop: a bear rescued from a bile farm, the kind they have in Vietnam or China, imprisoning bears and extracting their bile. It’s a really terrible thing, so without going into details, let’s leave it at that. Here is the end result of a bear who has been freed, and how he responds with a sense of overwhelming joy: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/bear-literally-cant-stop-jumping-joy-rescued-watch/. If you need a smile today, this is it.

Caution: the site is addictive. Good news will trump sad news every time!


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