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Good Reports

imagesDespite all that’s happening around the world, there are good things taking place, too.  Forget the blizzard pummeling Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Maine with deep snows and high winds, disrupting power and cancelling flights up and down the East Coast of the US.  In DC, we can feel the high winds that are almost hurricane-like.

So what good reports can I bring you?

Well, it turns out that a friend of a friend returned home this week from adopting a preschooler in Russia.  The couple has been there over a month, with many dates set and cancelled for this or that, but eventually, finally, at last, they prevailed.  (I wish I knew more specifics.) We add our congratulations to the happy family, home with their new son!

You may remember Ivanka from last year, who wrote about adopting in Ukraine.  She had brought home a teen girl, and Club_Kids_walkingthen a teen boy, both hovering near the cut-off date for when they would be available for adoption no longer.  Both adoptions took place pretty much within one year’s time and then Ivanka started working on her brother’s family.

Well, the brother’s family got busy, and just in the last week or so have returned from 6-7 weeks in Ukraine, having adopted a boy-girl, pre-teen and teen sibling pair.  The families are so happy to have their children home!  Pahzdrahvla’yoo!   (Congratulations.)

And finally, one of our readers with two young teen daughters from Russia was diagnosed in the past year with Ovarian Cancer Stage IIIc.  (There are four stages to all cancers, and this one is serious.)  Our prayers have been with her this fall as she’s arranged with her husband for care and transportation for the girls’ activities and schooling, while she had her surgeries and chemo.  Not fun.

CT-ScanThe good report is that, during her most recent CAT scan this past week, the doctors see that the disease is not progressing.  Thank the Lord!  No more chemo necessary for now, and she will have more exploratory surgery in April.  Our best wishes go before her for health and strength.  She is thankful for little things that she is able to do, step by step.

So there are a few good reports.  I hope these cheer your day, no matter what the weather, or what you may be facing.  Remember that  faith is the victory, even in seemingly-impossible situations.  You are not alone!



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    It is so good to learn of these positives. I am so happy for the new families. May they bring the children joy and may the children bring them joy. What wonderful news from the Mom with stage III cancer. I will add my prayers for her. One of my sisters is a cancer survivor of stage III and it has been over 12 years. Good things do happen.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thank you for that good report from your sister, Sybil. We all read statistics and probabilities, but when you know someone who’s beat the odds, it’s so encouraging!

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