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Good Reports

So often, I kvetch and whine, focusing on things that will one day be but mere blips on the radar screen of life.  Today, as we approach Yom Kippor and Columbus Day, we think of the sacred and the spectacular, that what we could not imagine happening before, is suddenly accomplished:  forgiveness of sin, and the exploration of new worlds.

I have heard many good reports this week – feel free to post anything you’d like to share with others.  Our own kids seem to be back to “normal” this week and we’re thankful.  We finished last week with Benedetto’s 40th high school class reunion (but he’s really just 35 years old, so you figure that one out-!), and now today is our 33rd wedding anniversary.  (I’ve always maintained that I was a child bride, and I imagine that means he was a baby groom, lol.  Just kidding.)  The reunion in a small, predominantly-Italian town was hysterical, I’ll have to tell you about it one day.

We visited his mom, wearing her Missioni look-alike throw over the shoulders, as he helped her drink a cup of coffee.  The nurses say that she spends many a day eating just cookies and coffee.  That day, we saw her nibbling pasta.  It was one of the best visits we’ve had with her recently.  She was lucid and knew who we all were, but the powers that be inform us that she is in the later stages of life.  We wheeled her to a side porch, despite the chilly temperatures and she looked down on the children and dogs running on the grassy lawns overshadowed by large oak trees.  It was a blessing to have such a good visit.

Petya has had his own comeback of sorts, after the disappointment of his first interview leading to nowhere.  Four volunteer opportunities, each better than the next, have presented themselves.  I’ll tell more later, but it seems that this is more than “right up his alley”, combining history, archaeology, and research, a similar background to his father’s early years, yet with his own twists and interests.  Two final interviews await him on Monday and Tuesday.  Knowing him, he’ll probably try to do it all, which, at his age, why not?

It’s always good to hear from each of you, my special friends from afar.  Some struggle and have questions, others experience breakthroughs and a-hah! moments.  I wish I could say that we’re all over every major hump in life and it will only be smooth sailing from here on out.  Some days that’s true.  And the others?  We’ll still overcome with God’s help.  Nothing is too hard for Him.

We actually have a coffee mug submission this week (woo-hoo!).  (What, do I have to offer prizes-?!)    Stay tuned for fun on Monday… you won’t believe this story.  I still say that real life is more interesting than fiction.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I am so happy that I’m alive after a scare years ago.  It wasn’t cancer.  But keep up with your mammograms and do what you can for others.  Knowledge is power… and mammograms are a pain, I know… but just do it.

Alive with peace, health, happiness, maybe even a little (okay, make that a lot of) prosperity.  This is my prayer for you this weekend!



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    We are experiencing one of life’s joys this week and are so grateful for this opportunity. We are in Disneyland with our oldest daughter, son-in-law and our 3 grandsons. We are taking care of the 9 month old a great deal of the time so the older boys can have lots of time with their Mom and Dad on rides and at the shows. A great way to start our New Year.

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