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Government Shut-down or Show-down?

C&O Canal1Folks, it’s getting ridiculous. 

The government can shut down any time they want, however, for those of us in DC, the shenanigans are becoming over-the-top.  Not everyone wants to swallow the president’s socialized medicine, so he’s having a hissy-fit and making everyone “pay” for daring to cross him.

Issuing orders to close down everything from private tourist destinations to government websites, this is government out-of-control.  In case you haven’t been tuned-in as of late, here’s the latest lineup of outrageous acts.

1.  The C&O Canal—used by many in the DC metro area as a biking and hiking path, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal spans glen_echo_27184 miles, from Georgetown in DC, all the way up to Cumberland, MD.  Much of the canal has not been properly maintained in recent years, leading to a waterless canal in some stretches, or stagnant, stinking water in other areas.  Running parallel with the Potomac River, one would have to look long and hard to find a Park Ranger on any of the trails on a usual day. 

Now?  With the “shutdown”?  National Park Service officers are GW-Memorial-Parkway-government-shutdown-e1381158254521stationed everywhere, closing down all parking lots, not to mention even scenic overlook parking by the side of the road.  It would take less labor to keep things “open”, but no, Washingtonians are not allowed to use normal recreation areas.

2.  Children’s Playgrounds—mothers in the area have been spottedmount-vernon-parking-lot-blocked moving barricades designed to keep their little ones from using public parks.  Then the police move them right back.  Rather labor-intensive for a shutdown, isn’t it?  Why not close the schools, as well?

3.  Mount Vernon—long operated as a private non-profit, at least for over 150 years, Obama’s operatives seem to know nothing about how mtvernon_washdc_mainGeorge Washington’s home runs.  Mount Vernon is not a recipient of public funding and the 32 ruling grande dames of the Ladies Association are not amused.  Their parking lots were barricaded on Monday morning, September 30th, and even some of the George Washington Parkway, a main thoroughfare from VA into DC, was V0814-228_t670blocked off in front of the site.  Their local post office remained closed through Thursday, October 3rd.  Unheard-of.

4.  Claude Moore Colonial Farm—here’s a cute little Colonial farm, a national park in McLean, VA, in the shadow of the CIA, that’s privately funded and was shut down by the government.  Due to everyone’s protests over Park Police closing and barricading office gates—with staffers inside!—and the animals having to be left untended-!—they came back and suddenly opened the site for no 523419481rhyme nor reason.  All of this after a very adversarial number of days.  This is government gone awry….

5.  And probably worst of all—The World War II Memorial in Washington, DC—definitely a public site—was barricaded by Park Police and turned away WWII Veterans intent on visiting!  This is beyond the pale.  My father and Benedetto’s father served in that war, and like most of those brave men and women, are no longer with us.  A once-in-a-lifetime visit to the memorial was marred as elderly veterans, not to be deterred, pulled away barricades and pushed their Budget Battle Veterans Memorialway through, even though threatened with arrest.


All of these aggressive and conspicuous acts on behalf of the government are happening to prove a point.  Somebody’s not happy and wants the general public to suffer.  No matter that it would take half the resources and manpower to keep these sites open.  We are now living in a miltary state where regular citizens are being spied upon, told what to purchase and that they will be fined for not participating in the slide into socialism, with roads and half of Washington, whether privately owned or not, being barricaded.

It’s got to stop.  Is it this crazy in your area?


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  1. avatar SML says:

    I’m one to never like a positive flow to be hindered. This whole thing has been one of the largest dams I have ever seen! Yes! We need to vote. These are times that I am moved to pray!

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