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Grab Bag of Glass Treasures

IMG_3389I’m a matchy-matchy, button-down collar, Execu-Type A personality. Which only goes to prove that even the most calculated, disciplined souls occasionally crave random beauty, just for the sake of it.

Which brings me to glass.

One day I will share my glass collection with you. I have the intricate, IMG_3390handblown Venetian items originating on the island of Murano. However, truth be told, my real joys are the glass cast-offs, those leftover, globby pieces in unique shapes and sizes. Some have been wrapped in wire and made into lovely pendants, others sit shimmering in bowls.

IMG_3391Well, here’s a low-cost, high-class look. I bought a grab-bag of glass beads at a discount store for under $5. What really surprised me when I finally got around to opening the plastic bag was that there were glass pieces, beads, metal beads, a full bracelet and a medallion-!

Then I hit the dollar store for a glass cylinder vase and poured in the melange of glass goodies. The light hit it in such a beautiful way.

Ahhh… just because….


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