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Graduation Celebration

collegediploma_0Deep undercover planning is going on behind the scenes here as our first son prepares to graduate from high school. Never mind that it’s homeschool high school, we’ll have a proper ceremony in front of a crowd one way or another, lol. When you think about it, only in a homeschool setting could your child be the valedictorian, salutatorian, class president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, not to mention being the head of any number of clubs….

We’re aiming to celebrate with a quick, two-day getaway to an interesting Beach_chairs_ocean_vacation_goodlife_freewallpaper_800locale. Every time we type in the stat of four teens, suddenly, no hotel has space…. Personally, I’d rather have four nicely-behaved teens than two screaming, crying, kicking toddlers in a hotel, but that’s me. The dogs are staying home. Maybe we’ll be staying home.

Have you ever tried to arrange something nice… and vacation-condogotten nowhere? I’ve tried the vacation rental home/ condo/ barn route, but let’s face it: summertime is high season any way you slice it. They want us to rent it for a week, and it’s impossible on our schedule this time of year. That’s another reason why we homeschool—avoiding the crowds is well worth any other pain and suffering we may endure by educating our children ourselves.

Forget the fact that they speak several languages, are fairly well-behaved, and have thousands of hours of Destin-Vacation-Rentals-p5_137955_9040438lcommunity service under their belt. Resorts that we could walk into any time of year but now, are suddenly booked solid.

All we want is a mini getaway for the family to celebrate this milestone of starting in Pre-K and completing thirteen grades ten years later… while learning English… at an older age. But as one of our acquaintances, an educator herself, once wondered incredulously, “You mean there are grade levels in homeschool-?!”

highschool-transcriptNo, we just let them stay in their jammies and watch TV all day long…. As a matter of fact, that might be a nice celebration. And I might get some of my own work done that I presently need to juggle like a circus clown.

Which is the career choice of preference for homeschoolers who stayed in their pajamas once too often.

So I turn my attention to getting his transcript in shape, calculating his GPA, and figuring out if his college major and subsequent line of business will be able to support me in a proper fashion when I’m 105 years young. That, plus planning a cake for his party should keep me busy until I can regroup on the accommodations.

I am a homeschooling mom, I know how to multi-task.


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