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Gratefulness and Contentment

highachieversHigh achievers have a certain drivenness, focus, and follow-through that often leaves others in the dust. I have no problem with that. Nobody’s going to present us with things on a silver platter, so we need to get in gear and get going.

But I’ve been thinking about gratefulness and contentment lately and how these can rob anyone of any joy in life. Where’s the midway point between constantly striving and never satisfied –versus- settling? When can we just enjoy where we are in the present without having to project into the future?

I went to coffee with a dozen other ladies, some younger, some not so young, shall we say. Then I Contentment-comes-from-withinrealized: I was the only one married. It didn’t bother me and it didn’t bother them, yet I considered how many single women would love to be married… and maybe how many married women would love to be single-!

The person who has a job, wants a better job.

The orphan who’s adopted, wonders why he or she ended up with this family.

The student accepted to college, imagines what it might be like in a more prestigious school.

thThe marriage proposal/ dinner party/ vacation/ latest car or electronics were not as over-the-top as we had hoped….

So we go on a quest for more.

Why? Why not just be thankful and grateful and content? You know, satisfied/ at rest/ peaceful/ and counting our blessings? There’s a time to strive and a time to be satisfied.

I’m thankful. Right here. Right now.

Today I will live in the present, while looking forward to the future.


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