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Great Archaeological Finds Still Occurring

richard IIIAbout this time last year, intriguing news broke in the United Kingdom.  Skeletal remains that had been discovered underneath a parking lot turned out to be the bones of King Richard III.

Killed at the Battle of Bosworth Field on August 22, 1485, his body was hastily moved and buried 20 miles away in the ancient city of Leicester in England’s East Midlands.  A researcher came across an account by theBritain Richard III medieval historian, John Rouse, who recorded the king as having been buried in Greyfriars Priory. 

Now a parking lot, the excavations were undertaken by the University of Leicester in the fall of 2012, with many unusual twists and turns to the story.  I don’t want to give them all away.  Suffice it to say, by February of 2013, DNA evidence confirmed that the bones were indeed the exhumed body of King Richard III.

showposterA fascinating 2013 documentary released by the Smithsonian is available at Neflix and is entitled, “Secrets:  Richard III Revealed”.  Whether or not your family enjoys history or archaeology, this 45-minute film is a must, revealing how sound research leads to amazing discoveries and the shattering or reinforcing of what some thought to be myths.  An adventure not to be missed.


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