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Great Expectations

How-to-Stop-Expecting-Things-from-Other-PeopleI wonder: do we expect too much? You know, from ourselves, our mates, our kids, our jobs? From life?

Do we set ourselves up for disappointment?

I’m generally of the opinion that great expectations lead to great outcomes.

But you never know. Maybe it works against us. Perhaps we aim, andconfession-i-expect-too-much-from-my-wife_thumb strive, and target the illusory and ephemeral, what is beyond our range and beyond our reach. And rather than stretching us to be better people and more understanding of others, it just might create a monster of more- more- more where we’re never satisfied.

More money, more beauty, more time.

More headaches.

Today, enjoy your accomplishments whether large or small. Expect, but without too much added pressure.

In other words, expect a lot, while being willing to actually deliver even more.


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