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Great Homes You Need to Experience One Day

crSo many properties could call your name one day: might be a beach cabin or an expansive family home with all the bells and whistles. I tend to imagine great homes in terms of geographical stereotypes summoning me….

A Parisian pied-a-terre, full of swirly, curly antique furniture or even modern, geometric pieces against a backdrop of huge mirrors and taffeta draped and swagged curtains. I envision the herringbone wood floors and tall, narrow, double doors with handles, rather than knobs. The walls most likely draw me in with their deep, rich plum or goldenrod or rich gray hues. I hear music playing with a coffee press waiting….

The country cottage would be a wooden dacha with flowers popping up around the perimeter, big crclusters of fragrant, multi-colored textures made for handfuls to be stuffed into chunky glass pitchers on rough, wooden tables, sanded and waxed into submission. Lace curtains give privacy enough while still allowing a glimpse of the outdoors and bright metal furniture, covered with weather-resistant puffy pillows and flickering flames of candles. Mason jars filled with pebbles, dirt and herbs, surrounded by a raffia bow blossom on the kitchen counters. Bedrooms are filled with overstuffed duvets and bathrooms with hand-cut square cubes of lavender and verbena soap.

The urban loft combines white-washed brick, or even black brick as a statement look on one wall, giving everything else that special pop: industrial metal lighting, a turquoise chaise, a sculpture designed from driftwood. An open-concept kitchen with soapstone counters and crpolished concrete floors, a huge, square farm sink just to say: yes, we’re city chic, but we can cook. Sort of Roche Bobois meets Ralph Lauren. Mix it up and see what happens and arrive by your very own cage elevator….

Yes, I’ve had urban gardens that measure about 2 feet x 2 feet. But what about a country pavilion for a great get-away with fresh tomatoes climbing up a trellis? Or a special dock overlooking a picturesque pond or river? Or your very own balcony with a view of the fascinating city streets below?

Get a glimpse in your mind’s eye. Create, craft, conceptualize: the home that says “you”!


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