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Group Activities for Adopted Children

KidFriendsWhen newly-adopted, often children long for friends. That’s normal and to be expected. Unfortunately, those arriving from domestic or international situations generally do not know how to read local social situations. The kids can easily be preyed-upon by unsavory elements.

In my opinion, this is why placing adopted children into school best-friendsimmediately remains less than an ideal idea. They find friends, but usually not the brightest and the best. Initially, the adoptee may be awkward, shy, or insecure. They could be behind in their studies or academic pursuits… and like attracts like.

lonelyBoyHomeschool them and keep their world small for the first year or so. Private schools or religious schools might be better, yet frequently are not. Your most important goal needs to center around the child learning and understanding how a family functions. That comes first and friends come second.

If you put the friendships first, often, the attachment to the family will suffer. However, it’s possible to childhood-friendsintroduce quality friends, a few at a time, slowly and deliberately. Look to some recreation center sports teams, congregational youth groups, or community service projects such as keeping rivers clean or planting urban gardens to feed the homeless. Vet any group first and reach out to one or two quality kids who would be willing to develop a healthy friendship with your child.

Group activities can work. Just make sure that the odds are stacked in your child’s favor. This is too serious to leave to chance.


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