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Handling Hot Heads

Angry-Customers-7.3.12Our society is a sea of angry souls.  If it’s not the economy, it’s a crummy job, an exasperating relationship, a lack of sleep, or a stressed-out schedule.  There’s always something to cause road rage, or punching a fist through the wall, or screaming and erupting in uncontrolled anger.

They’re hot heads, those that “fly off the handle”, and one in five Americans apparently have real struggles with red-hot rage.

It makes me wonder what these folks focus on in angry_womantheir spare time.  Do they mull over and meditate on how they’ve been wronged by life, or do they surround themselves with uplifting and beautiful words, music, surroundings, and people?

I know people who are “hot under the collar”… all the time.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a sunny day or a rainy day, they’re unhappy and vile to those around them.  They might let loose on a store clerk, a restaurant server, a close family member or friend. 

Their anger is like a hot stream of lava.  When the volcano blows, look out!

Is it possible to defuse a volcano?  Not really.

Is it possible to defuse a bomb?  Yes.

angry_woman2Which only goes to show us that, possibly, there are some people who don’t want to be helped, or who cannot be helped, with their current mindset.  Yet, some hot heads can be assisted.  That’s why anger management classes exist.

While they have to take responsibility for their own change and transformation, your kind words and calm actions, yes, even in their midst of their eruption, can have a diffusing effect.  And when all else fails, walk away from the angry person, just walk away.

You’re not destined to be dragged down.


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