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Happy 75th Anniversary, Archaeological Society of Virginia!

IMG_3728This past weekend, the Archaeological Society of Virginia celebrated its 75th anniversary. Coinciding with the auspicious occasion was the added commemoration of 10 years of headquartering at Kittiewan Plantation, the Colonial home of Dr. William Rickman, head surgeon of the Continental Army in Virginia, constructed 1770-1790 and occupied by Union Army in June 1864.

My eldest son and I headed there for the festivities, completeIMG_3702 with cake, punch, tours of the house and visitor’s center. A lovely location in the middle of nowhere, we had almost arrived, but stopped at a nearby general store dating from 1898 to ask if we might be near Kittiewan.

They had no idea.

Turning off the main road toward corn and wheat fields, at last we made it there. The house itself was spectacular in its “au naturel” state. Generally open on the second Saturday of every month, it’s worth a picturesque trip and less than 30 minutes off of I-95 in Charles City, Virginia. In the visitor’s center, archaeological artifacts were mounted on walls and in display cases. Upstairs, a library full of dig field reports stood ready to serve.

IMG_3687-1The “Bowld Sojer Band” regalled us with Civil War-era banjo, guitar and fiddle music. Despite temperatures nearing 100 degrees, the truly talented trio made the shaded venue that much more pleasant. The two of us were glad that we brought sunscreen, bug spray and sunhats as did many others.

Touching base with our many friends gathered, before we IMG_3747knew it, the time approached to take our leave. Down the tree-shaded lane we left, past the Civil War rifle trenches and a way of life long past, yet still being uncovered by archaeologists old and new.

Happy 75th, ASV-!


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