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Happy Holiday Outfits

holidydressAs a family that celebrates most everything except Kwanzaa and Id al-Fitr, the holidays are upon us and thus, obligatory outfits. I know that there are those people who can attend services, enjoy parties, or have Christmas dinner wearing most anything, but I’m not one of them. Propriety, people, propriety.

We’re not the kind of family that stays in pajamas nor celebrates in goofy sweaters. Maybe we should try that some year…. Plus, right now, I don’t have a spare minute to shop for anything special. So that means rummaging around the closet probably to wear an outfit that’s been rotated and updated from the Ghost of Christmas Past.

I will probably aim for classic-festive. I think. Actually, I probably take better plaidcare of my stylish children who, as teens, are hopefully at the end of outgrowing ensembles. The girls are going for tartan plaid this year, all the rage, and special since a friend blessed our youngest with a red and black satiny frock. So I hope I’ve found something along similar lines for her sister.

For me, I ponder the possibilities: black, gold, silver, red, satin, lace, leather, velvet, beaded, embellished, pearls, sequins, fur or feathers? What’s appropriate for entertaining at home, going out to dinner, a candlelight service, or an elegant party? Then there’s my tried-and-true tuxedo suit….

$_1Now I remember that silver jacket-coat that could be paired with most anything…. Or the understated gold lame’ maxi (if that’s not a contradiction in terms) that could be pressed into service…. Or the velvet pants for entertaining….

Yes, in the spirit of the season, I vow to cut down on consumerism and just go with whatever I already have. A refreshing idea!


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