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Happy Sweeties’ Day-!

For years, Valentine’s Day was about the two of us.  Not that we did anything major on that particular day other than small and special gifts.  Now, with four kids, it’s another matter entirely.

While the two of us will most likely enjoy a lovely outing sometime in the near future, our oldest son has other plans for all of us today.  In an unusual turn of events, the slick and scholarly magazine for which he volunteers one afternoon a week has decided to reward him for all of his hard work there.  They told him that he was delightful, and outstanding, and they wished to treat him to something special as a expression of thanks.

“We want to send you and your family out to dinner on Valentine’s Day,” his boss informed him. “Where would they like to go?”

“No, no, that’s not necessary,” he smiled, grinning from ear to ear.  “I’m here to help as a volunteer and really enjoy working with everyone.”

“Have one of your parents call me, and we’ll make all of the arrangements,” she insisted.

Benedetto called and was so happy to hear her comments.

“He is the most wonderful person, and I have never met another teen like him,” she enthused.  “He never has a bad day, he’s always enthusiastic and tries his hardest at any task we give him.  Petya is a quick learner and adds so much to the office.”

“I want you to keep in mind,” she continued, “that we’re doing this for him, so that he can treat his family to lunch or dinner at the restaurant of your choice.  We want him to feel special for all he’s done for us.”

The reservation was made in his name, and so the family will head off to the land of white tablecloths and warm woods and tufted booths later today, thanks to our son who is basking in his company’s benevolence.  For him to be able to take out the rest of us was a dream come true.  The once starved, malnourished child was now providing for his family.  He was not the only one beaming.  The reflected glow was multiplied.  All of the children gave him high-fives as he directed the day.

Naturally, the two of us parents were sneaking around the night before.  I bought the cute containers from World Market to hold some goodies, a moose and elk motif for the boys, and love birds for the girls.  Lindt chocolate bars and tiny gift items completed the array.

Small Valentine messages were tucked here and there for the children to find throughout the day.  There were even a couple of notes and treats for Misha and Grisha the doggies.

The more positive love we have in our lives, the better.  Happy Valentine’s Day!



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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    Good for all of you! Have a great dinner.

  2. avatar Kathleen says:

    Love this! Enjoy your evening out together as a family.

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