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Happy Sweetie’s Day-!

IMG_4772Valentine’s Day is here and I hope you can mark the day in a special way! Might be on your own, with a friend or mate. Treat yourself well, you deserve it.

On our busy schedule, Benedetto and I made our way to a restaurant just barely opening on a day near Valentine’s. Perfect. Since we’re always surrounded by people, we basically had an empty dining room, as though my IMG_4771husband had reserved the restaurant and staff all to ourselves-!

The paparazzi were gone, the loud voices were gone, soft music, the setting sun and the clink of silverware were all our own. Rose petals were strewn on a mantle nearby, a roaring, crackling fire by our side on a day when it seemed as though it might even snow with freezing, damp air outside. Cut roses and white tablecloths and candles perched on each table. We had an attentive waiter who understood that we would have another obligation later that evening and needed to keep things IMG_4770moving.  A beautifully-delicious meal.

Perfect. Ahhh….

There are times in life when you need to carve out time for yourself, for your coupledom, for things that will endure. We talked, we laughed, he pulled out a petite package from his jacket IMG_4769pocket.

On a day like today, dedicated to love, never forget that a retreat of relaxation can in many ways signal important steps to advance with your spouse.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


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