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Have You Embarrassed Yourself Recently?

37b246ab536406d4_kayrunn-hirsch-5.previewIt used to be that I cared.  Not that I don’t care, but maybe I’m letting myself go, in more ways than one.  Well, I definitely am, but the point is, I used to be concerned about that.  Maybe I’m just too far gone to care.  Perhaps if I made the effort once again, the concern would be there, too, like a package deal?

I’m concerned about the kids, the husband, the dogs.  They all need my help.  Maybe I have no more help to go around and I’ve cut myself out of the picture?

Today, I’m embarrassed to say, I walked into a top hair salon in Jerusalem looking like a war refugee.  Or a bag lady.Buji_Sunhat_grande

They looked upon me with horror.

They can’t do that.  I am a glamorous person, or at least used to be, but certainly wasn’t today.

I was engaged in archaeology, and covered in dust, and mud, and sweat.  I had ducked into a couple of restrooms (loose term) throughout the day to freshen up, but still….

There was a big khaki sunhat pulled down on my head, moreso than normal because the wind whipped up in late afternoon.  Then a ponytail looped back up, almost making a sloppy, low bun to keep it off my back, then khaki pants and a long white linen tunic top, with some tennis-shoe-like footwear.  Oh, and a big scarf for the neck, just in case one square centimeter of skin was exposed.  Did I mention an absoutely horrible sling-like bag that only a tourist, or a starving student, might BusinessMan_fullwear cross-chest?  (Hey, I knew I would be in hot, dry, humid, wet and windy conditions all day long, and left my purse behind.)

In my defense, I was wearing makeup and jewelry, and I didn’t smell bad.  That counts for something, right?

This did not impress the salon owner.  The first man I encountered, looking straight off some Italian runway, would not even speak to me, but motioned to the head honcho of the exquisite establishment.  All of them were dressed in black, and I normally dress in black, but not today, because I was in tunnels and working with artifacts, and hiking up and down thousands of stone steps, and carrying big bottles of water in my sling at all times….

I wanted to say:  “Hello, I was just kidnapped by aliens, because never in a million years would I ever look like this in my own country, but because I’m thousands of miles from home, I felt I had a little leeway, even though I keep seeing people that I know, and I’m trying to hide from them under this huge hat, because I have way too much work to do, and I don’t have time to socialize.  By the way, I need to go to a special event, and wondered if you ever just style hair for a special evening, and how much advance notice would I need to give you if indeed you Stylish Retro Woman Having Her Hair Driedaccepted my humble plea and personage and decided to assist the bag lady standing before you and transform her into something of a sensation?”

Anyway, I said something much shorter, while not further debasing myself.  I held my head up high, until he asked to see what lay beneath the hat.  Not a pretty sight after sweating all day underneath.  Oh well.  He said to give him a day or two’s notice and he’d be happy to assist.

No updos.  He works half a day on Mondays, and not on Saturdays, of course.  Either blown straight, or with curls.

Sleek, elegant.  Maybe this could herald a return to the real me.  I tried not to rehash the scene too much in my mind, since I have a limited time here left, and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  I was in the neighborhood, as they say, and thought this was as good a time as ever to inquire.

Have you embarrassed yourself recently?



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