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Heard from the Famous Person

thFor research purposes, I had to contact someone who is a giant in their field. Their recent and upcoming work was threatening to affect a book that I was writing. It was not simply a good idea that I get in touch; it was paramount.

The institutional e-mail listed for il famoso did not elicit a response. I waited a month. Then I thought of the wife, also well-respected in her own right. You must understand, these are people with no known phone numbers, so I miraculously came across her information and e-mailed her.


About a month later, she writes: So-and-so (referring to his lofty international-brigades-air-mail-cover-to-czechoslovakia-1938titles) does not e-mail. You may contact him by surface mail at: (and it lists his foreign get-away).

I send my snail-mail, handwritten letter.


Three months later, I receive a response-! Very gracious, handwritten. He answers my questions and includes— his phone number to call if I wish-!  He is not in his foreign get-away after all.

There you have it.

I write back a thank you, keeping open the option of calling should further questions arise….


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