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Helping the Persecuted

thRight now, all around the world, there are those who are suffering for their views, their faith, their ethnicity. It’s pretty rough. Persecution may range from the loss of employment, outright harassment, beatings, rape, imprisonment and death.

Something has to be done. Someone has to speak up.

Enter our kids. The four of them, with yours truly’s guidance, have decided to volunteer a few hours a month at an organization that advocates worldwide for exactly these kinds of people and situations. They will be working in their office.

Due to the sensitive nature of the work and the identities of those helping, as well as persecution-2those being helped, our kids needed background checks. I needed a check, also, since I would be accompanying them and introducing them at the first visit. During this time, the office manager would give the kids specific tasks and see how they did.

A trial run of sorts.

persecuted-christiansI had already prepared them that our four didn’t necessarily possess any appreciable office skills (other than our oldest), but they had plenty of enthusiasm. How far this would get them or if this would prove to be helpful to the organization, nobody knew.

We were given the address and instructed not to share it with anyone. Our family was entering the world of those who had no face and had no voice.

Sobering. Serious. Clandestine. Covert.

We can do this.


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