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Hidden Calories, Carbs, and Craziness

amazing_weight_loss_before_and_after-0004We have an epidemic of fat people in America. The average citizen now weighs about 20 pounds more than 20 years ago, and if we extrapolate those figures, possibly about 40 pounds more than 40 years ago if you study the stats.

Naturally, wanting to be more than a sad statistic, I am trying to extricate myself from such tendencies as middle-aged spread has turned into middle-aged mushiness. Aiming for my very own “after” image, the question comes to mind: “How can there be any ‘after’ as my path to petiteness is strewn with such obstacles?”

What obstacles, you ask? I’ll tell you: Food and diet manufacturers Man1want us to be fat.

Case in point: The other day, we were off on our journeys and everyone wanted some takeout food, not necessarily “fast food”, though it was fast. They settled on sandwiches. Benedetto was kind enough to run inside, while I ran another errand, and he bought me a salad.

“Chicken,” I remember intoning. “Grilled chicken on top of whatever greens, please.”

07-wd1009-LaurelFooks-2He knew by that statement that I meant no pork, no goat cheese, only chicken and veggies. After 35 years of marriage, he could set his watch by my never-changing desires.

When we reconvened in the SUV, he was above-board, “Just tell me if you don’t like this and I can take it back. It’s a seafood salad.”

He brought it from its bag in a flourish.

“Seafood salad?” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear the full story.

Something was fishy and it was more than the salad.before-and-after-healthy-weight-loss-24780745-348-282

“This is what you want,” he assured me.

I wasn’t so sure.

“I wanted grilled chicken and salad stuff.”

“I’m helping you. The other salad with the chicken had 260 calories. This is fake crab with only 130 calories. I saved you over half the calories-! And it’s kosher.”

I stared at the huge chunks of surimi. There was nothing kosher about this salad in terms of calories. It was humongous, but looked delightful. No way could this be 130 calories.

Craig_resultsWe were pressed for time, so I stayed with the salad. No need to change it. I had a husband who tried to look out for me and I appreciated it. But that salad was monstrous and the dressing that came with it seemed very creamy for lite fare….

When I finally finished eating some 30 minutes later, I glanced at the bottom of the plastic bowl. Sure enough, 130 calories. Then I gasped: 4 servings per container. In other words, my 130-calorie salad had suddenly mushroomed into over 500 calories!

“THIS IS OVER 500 CALORIES-!” I stammered in shock, wondering why we had departed from my tried-and-true grilled chicken salad.

If I had known that it was not half the calories, but over double the calories, I would have eaten half of it, and saved the before_after_t460rest for another meal.

Great, just great.

And I’ll tell you right now, this is a big part of why America is fat… or at least where many don’t want to be in terms of a goal weight: there’s a lot of conflicting information.

Take a look at any of the low-carb-diet-meal-in-a-minute-full-protein-cut-the-carbs shakes. Well, when I get a glimpse of “ONLY 2 CARBS!!!” listed smack front-and-center on the front of the packaging, I actually believe it.

Silly me. Reading more closely, I see that it says, “ONLY 2 net CARBS” which means something like there are 5,327 carbs in reality, but for you, my special friend, we’ll only count those as 2 today. Or something like that.

Why not list the total carbs, or the total calories. If we choose to make one tablespoon of yogurt into ten meals, we can do the math. But please don’t tell me that there are actually ten servings in one tablespoon of yogurt, or that one packaged salad-to-go actually has quadruple the calories listed.

This, my friend, is why America is overweight. Phony, false, and confusing information at every turn, even when you’re trying to be good. You heard it here first.


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