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Hidden Cappuccino Calories

cappuccinoWith a hurricane heading toward the East Coast of the US, our family has chosen to drive toward the scene of the crime and finish securing preparations that our friends started. So I am trying to turn my mind to other important matters while we all dig trenches for torrential rains to be channeled away from the dacha.

The topic of the day: cappuccino calories trying to kill me. I’m not talking ice cream/whipped cream confections laden with chocolate and sugary syrups. I’m old enough to know that anything that tastes that good in life should probably be shunned.

Instead, I have somehow gotten it into my brain that if it’s sugar-free and fat-free, it’s calorie-free. Aucappuccino-chocolate-heart contraire.

A few long-distance drives, conferences with free coffee machines and gas’n’go stops later, I seem to be unusually fond of sugar-free, fat-free, French vanilla cappuccino from a machine. In other words, convenience store coffee.

How the mighty are fallen. Here I am, trying to be “good” by eschewing the hot dogs, pastries and mayo-laden sandwiches found at these quick stops… and filling my body with liquid calories!

These delightful concoctions are fairly addictive and don’t seem to have calories anywhere listed. Running a search online, I checked everything from “regular” cappuccinos to the reduced-this and reduced-that. Sizes are approximate:

wawa-coffee-afterSpeedway – French vanilla cappuccino (12 oz) – 220 cal.
Speedway – Sugar-free French vanilla cappuccino – 100 cal.
Wawa – Fat-free French vanilla cappuccino – 164 cal.
Starbucks – Tall (small – 12 oz.) cappuccino with non-fat (what we used to call skim) milk – 75 cal.
Starbucks – Tall cappuccino with whole milk – 120 cal.
Starbucks – forget about this one! – Tall frappuccino – 190 cal.

Yikes.  Let’s just say that anything “French” has got to be calorically-dangerous.  (My Starbucks comparison was just a regular cappuccino.) I give you French fries as Exhibit A….

In case you didn’t know, here are more stats to keep you amused through the weekend, so I can get back to my non-hurricane (grant it, Lord):

100 cal. extra/day x 365 days = 36,500 divided by 3,500/lb. = 10.4 lbs. per yearwawacoffee
(3,500 cal. = one pound of human fat. Delightful.)

So by adding between 100… to 164… to 220 cal./day, you could theoretically add an extra 20+ lbs./year! Not that I drink one each and every day… but I could!

Buyer beware. Fat-free, sugar-free means little in terms of calorie-free. Oh well. Back to prayer and fasting.

Be safe, everyone!


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