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Hilarious Hats

il_fullxfull.448272305_7chkI have always been a hat person.  Once upon a time, women wore hats to church and synagogue, or to make a fashion statement in their free time, to look mysterious or magnificent.  Now you’re lucky to see a lady in a baseball cap.

With my time in the sun as a tennis spectator at my son’s tournaments and games, along with long hours engaged in archaeological field work, hats have become a necessity.  Summer is upon us and the sun is strong and hot.

Generally, my son and I wear the Indiana Jones type of khaki thhat for digs.  It’s somewhat cool, can be stiff or soft depending on the make and model, and it has a big enough brim to keep the sun off of the face, ears, and neck.

Pretty much.  Not entirely.

For tennis, Petya wears a cap and ample amounts of sunscreen, reapplied each hour as he sweats it off.  I want him to wear a bucket cap, the kind that Gilligan or a golfer might wear, but hey, if it interferes with his game….

RD107-khakiEnter the French Foreign Legion (which, by the way, did you know you can still join today?) and their nifty hat with the flap down the back.  Problem is, it’s designed to be worn in climes such as North Africa where the sun might beat down on the back of a soldier’s neck.  Believe it or not, I’m looking for even more coverage.

Enter the bee-keeper’s outfit, or the Muslim burqa.  Either one might be constricting for tennis or archaeology, so I searched for a modified French Foreign Legion’s hat, with flaps that extend to cover the ears.  It arrived in the mail yesterday.

I asked Petya to model it, assuring him that it was for me, not him.

“Mama, I look like Dumbo the Elephant with these flaps flaying out on the side!”

“I think you look cute…” I teased.


“You could wear it to tennis tomorrow…” I mused.  “Do you think I should send it back?”March or Die Hackman

We snapped a photo of him in it and he showed it to his coaches the next day.  They laughed so hard that they started gagging.  He said his mother thought he should wear it to tennis.  No wonder that they wave and jog in the opposite direction when they see me coming. 

It is easily the most ugly hat I’ve ever seen, but I’ll probably try to wear it at some point.  It’s either that, or we move to the wide-brimmed Mexican sombrero, extending outward a meter in any direction.  Or, perhaps a multi-colored umbrella hat, generally worn by octogenarian men at Italian festivals.

I have some attractive, wide-brimmed sunhats that maybe I could pair up with a scarf over the head (under the hat) and wrapped around the neck/shoulders.  Or maybe go back to my vampire ways, and emerge only at night.

Would you say “oui” to the French Legionnaire’s hat?


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  1. avatar Sarah says:

    You should come to London! Hats are always worn here! It is Ascot right now and hats and Fasinators are everywhere!

    • avatar admin says:

      There you go, Sarah! The good thing about Fascinators is that even those who are not exactly hat people enjoy them. But the British take hats to a very nice level any time… sigh….

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