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Holiday Chocolate Overdose

tobleronesWe were once at the vet’s when a pooch was rushed in who had found some holiday chocolates, gobbled down the box on a low table, and then had to have his stomach pumped lest he die.

I am that dog.

Well, not really, only mentally.

You see, every year people purchase tons of chocolates for me. Salted caramel chocolates, Lindt blackberry with acai chocolates, Girardelli dark 60% cacao squares, Baci Perugina with waxy love messages, Ferrero Rocher the gold-wrapped spherical Italian chocolate that I never knew until now was named after a grotto in the Roman Catholic shrine of Lourdes, the triangular Toblerone Swiss mountain peaks of milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat.

Today, some dark chocolate-covered cashews arrived. Oh my.

This was also the first year in many that I did not receive, nor give, Hanukkah gelt (chcolate coins). That’s a fluke.peruginabaci

Problem is, I don’t need any of the chocolate that seems to rain down upon me. I could very easily overdose on it. So I tend to ignore it for a year or so… and then next year’s unwanted stash will be piled on top of this year’s unwanted stash….

Benedetto, on the other hand, stockpiles panettone, the sweet yeast-dough Milanese bread, studded with citron and golden raisins. You might as well call it cake. Frankly, it reminds me of the Russian Easter bread, kulich. Everyone seems to give it to him. So, when in quandary, gifting an Italian with a big, domed Christmas bread seems the best move. Consequently, we have about a half-dozen around the house at any given time stretching from Thanksgiving through Old Russian New Year in mid-January.

That’s a lot of cake.

milanese-panettoneSo he pops multiple slices in the oven and then slathers them with butter, just to make it even more healthy. He uses it as a base for his French toast. He takes a bath with slices floating in the tub.

Well, maybe not that.

A couple of days ago, a torta di cioccolato tentazione showed up, courtesy of a friend. Mind you, I haven’t been indulging in hardly any chocolate, much less the high-carb panettone, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. This chocolate temptation cake, or even the idea of it, lured me in to taste a slice.

And then I thought back to the vet’s office of long ago and that unfortunate doggy in distress. So I fled the scene of the crime, leaving chocolate_panettoneBenedetto to clean up my crumbs.

Or so he said.

And who’s been cleaning up his non-stop stream of crumbs?

I rest my case. While I rest from partaking of any further chocolates until next December….

Would you like any of the them?


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