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Holiday Christmukkah Dog

IMG_4740There’s no doubt that Scotties Misha and Grisha are part of the family. They are my big babies and have spent the last decade celebrating the holidays with us. This time of year that would be Hanukkah and Christmas.

So, we have a number of various decorations. When Benedetto and the kids wrestled home a Christmas tree, wrapped it in lights and hung the ornaments, little Grisha was there, sniffing and needing to approve each one before it went up. Misha, as usual, passed out in his bed, content with the flurry of activity nearby.IMG_4739

Today, everyone was away, whether at work or other activities, so I brought my laptop into the living room with the tree. And there was Grisha, giving me mini-growls that needed my interpretation.

IMG_4742“What’s up, little guy?” I ask, glancing at him near the tree. “Oh, I see….”

He was unable to climb from the couch back onto the radiator cover by the window. Grisha enjoyed this perch in the winter, nice and toasty, while still allowing him to peek outside. But currently, we had a Hanukkah menorah and nativity set blocking his path. Not to mention the usual archaeological artifacts and a few nutcrackers thrown in for good measure-!IMG_4743

I straightened the shearling fleece that we normally have folded up as an alternative perch for him between the couch’s back and side arm. Patting it, I convinced red rover to come over. He turned and looked at me a couple of times, just for reassurance that he could still stand guard at the window peering through the menorah and past the manger scene.

IMG_4744“Everything will be okay,” I reminded him as Jesus, Mary and Joseph clustered close by and Misha took his position to face the challenges of the day.

That’s all he needed:  a bit of reassurance. Think of someone you can encourage today.


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