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Holiday Craftiness

Oh yes, it’s that Thanksgiving time of year when even those of us mere mortals hope to pretend that we’re Martha Stewart, the Pioneer Woman, or some other Domestic Diva, able to fold common table napkins into cornucopias spilling with the harvest of the season.

It’s not gonna happen.  Yet, we try.

Our family’s goal this past weekend was to take a few moments from our hurried and harried leisure time to construct the seen-across-the-internet turkey-made-from-Oreos-and-candy corn.  Other than the fact that Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were involved (oh, and chocolate frosting-!), the project did little to awaken the artist within me.  However, I faked interest for the sake of the children, who felt that any edible project was a good way to go.  Benedetto was nowhere to be seen, however, to his credit, he did acquiesce to purchase the sweet stuff.

We gathered our supplies on the kitchen table:  candy corn (which he remembered to buy at Halloween, because by Thanksgiving it’s generally all gone, which only makes sense because by December, the Easter candy should be appearing, not to mention summer clothing…), Oreos, chocolate frosting, Whoppers (malt balls), yellow squeeze frosting for eyes and feet, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (about half the size of the Oreos).

The Instructions said to take a little slice off of one side of the Peanut Butter Cup, in order to let him sit flat on the bottom Oreo, as the turkey’s chest .  When slicing the PB Cup, if we accidentally smushed the Cup, instead of a clean slice, the Rules said that Mama got to eat said PB Cup.

The children objected, so I threw a malt ball their way, just to pacify the restless natives.  Oh, I was lovin’ it.

In an effort to avoid a lot of random fingers-in-the-frosting, I doled out this “glue” on a butter knife, onto which they were allowed to dip said finger.

One dollop for them, one dollop for me.  I was liking this project more and more.

You can get the instructions for the Oreo Thanksgiving Turkey anywhere online, but suffice it to say, anywhere you need “glue”, place a glob of chocolate frosting.  And the nose can be crafted with the white tip of a candy corn.  The rest is commentary.

Each of the kids kept one turkey and gave away the others to older women and family friends who were delighted for reasons all their own.  I have a feeling the kids might want to make more of this very sweet and sentimental craft.

Since we have all of the supplies, it’s probably best that we use them up now, instead of letting them call out to me from the cupboard….



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    Looks like fun. We’ll have to try it, too.

    • avatar admin says:

      Yes, and NOW that I’m really looking at the little fellows, I see that the PB Cups are sideways, lol. The “bottom” of the cup should be pointing outward as his belly, and the spread top should be against the turkey’s back Oreo “body”. Oy. Guess I’ll have to wear my reading glasses next time for better quality control….

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