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Holiday Stress Relief

stressIn the same manner that some of us love the holidays, others feel overwhelmed by stress and judgment from relatives. They feel as though they don’t measure up, they say and do the wrong things, they appear as less-than. Obviously, whatever you can change that you want to change, do it. Beyond that, what can you do to be calm, cool and collected during sometimes-awkward and even semi-toxic holiday settings?

Take a chill pill. Minus the pill. Before the event.

Every day, schedule time for yourself. I know, I know, I laugh when people suggest that, stressbecause I literally have about 3 seconds to my name on a daily basis. But really. Do it. Rather than arrive to the holiday event in a stressed-out state, show up as your best self. Can you spare 15 minutes?

No time for the gym? It’s over-crowded this time of year, anyway. Take a quick walk around the block. Do part of an exercise DVD in the privacy of your office or home. Run up and down a flight of steps. Get out at the rest stop on the highway and walk from one end to the other and then get back on the road. Doesn’t have to be a lot. It’s motion and oxygen and a change of pace. You might try this twice a day, it will make you feel so much better.

Cuddle your pet. Positive energy will be flowing. This little (or big) love machine never talks back and never has a bad day. My Scotties have been known to cry when they’re hungry, but still…. People with pets live longer and are happier than those who don’t.

thanksBreathe deeply. Review your accomplishments and what a kind, considerate person you are. Bring along a gift for the home you are visiting. Get the positive vibes rolling.

You will have a lovely time! Stay non-controversial. Avoid certain hot-button topics. Love yourself in order to love others. If they are incapable of love or appreciation, recognize that. Be thankful that there are 364 other days in the year!

You’ve got this.


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