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Holiday Tips for Pet-Lovers

It’s not difficult to prevent bad things from happening to your pets over the holidays.  Just don’t pass out on the couch after too much turkey, when vets tend to be closed.  Emergency animal hospitals over the holidays can be interesting places.  Been there, done that.

I’ve most likely told you before about our family dachshund who decided one Thanksgiving as I was growing up to put his front paws on the open oven door as the turkey was in progress of cooling off and being removed.  My mother turned her back for a second, my father came running when there was the yelp heard round the world.  Hansel had gobbled a big gulp of turkey… and scalded his mouth in the progress.

Poor guy.

Poor turkey.

That was the year they carved it in the kitchen, rather than in the dining room.  Better to hide the missing chunk that way.

Fast-forward to now. When Misha the Scottie’s allergies first started flaring up like a bonfire over Thanksgiving and Christmas, we took him to the animal hospital.  In rushed another owner-with-dog who had just downed over a dozen chocolates, a holiday gift box affair on a low-lying coffee table.  They carried him to the emergency room to pump his stomach.

So you know the basics:  no chocolate, no grapes or raisins, no holly, no tinsel, not so sure about fruitcake, but I would imagine it to be verboten.  Potato latkes over Hanukkah would probably be fine (but not if they contain onions), just don’t take my word on it.

And it’s not only food or holiday décor that can prove to be dangerous. If you’re going away, leave Poochie with a reputable boarding place, hopefully one where a staff member is there, in a semi-awake state, through the evening and night hours, as well.  We’re such overprotective, helicopter pet-parents, that we generally can’t even bear to leave our little fur-babies with anyone but a family friend.

Occasionally, we’ve dropped off Misha and Grisha for the daytime in a Doggie Day Care type of situation when visiting a distant relative, for instance.  (Not that the relative is distant, but the relative lives some distance away.)  When filling out the Pet Assessment, we generally note that our Scotties are anti-social when meeting other dogs, i.e., they should not be left together in the playroom with a pit bull or any other predator.  Hearing the howls from deep within the kennel facility, the two make it clear upon arrival that this was not their idea when we go to check them in, putting on the brakes and needing to be pushed, pulled, or carried all the way.

When it comes to the holidays, the dogs belong with us at Home Sweet Home.  If we simply keep in mind that they need special holiday baby-proofing just as much as any two-footed toddler, the season should sparkle.  We buy them some tartan plaid holiday beds and make our plans….



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