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Holiday Travel Tips

airport-travelGiven that you’re all big boys and girls, it’s safe to say that you already know the normal  holiday basics when it comes to air travel (tell me if I’m wrong here).  You know, arrive at least two hours early to the airport, pack toiletries in 3-ounce containers in a ziplock if they’re in your carryon, have a form of identification with you….

I’m here as your handy-dandy sherpa guide to enlighten you about the things you don’t know.  Take it from Alexandra, there’s a comfortable way and an uncomfortable way to travel.  And since we can’t any longer take steamer trunks with us, we’ll have to become creative.

Remember that your travel experience is designed to starve you and exhaust you.  Come prepared.  While some wouldfood argue that it’s best to take a sleeping pill to glide through your travel trek, I would recommend that this is one time that you want your wits about you.

First of all, you need to be alert at security.  That fellow next to you is eyeing your electronics as a possible last-minute holiday gift… for himself.  Make sure that your i-Pad Mini, i-Phone, i-Tunes Card, and Eye Teeth are all in with your other items, going through the scanner.

1change0427TSA, those sweet people who tend to confiscate everything at security, report that each year they collect upwards of $400,000 in loose change that people forget and leave behind in those small bins.  Security experts suggest putting change in your shoes as it passes through the scanners.  My opinion is that this might prove painful when you get to the other side and forget to take it out.  (Let’s face it, forgetfulness is forgetfulness.  If you’re going to leave it behind, you might just leave it in your shoe.)

I would suggest a small coin purse, but then that’s me.

checkThis time of year, it’s best not to check suitcases, particularly if they have holiday presents and can’t be locked due to security.  Those baggage handlers work long, hard hours, and have no time to shop.  Hence, a lot of “mysterious disappearances” when it comes to certain items which were once inside your suitcase.

The only thing safe to pack these days is old clothes.  Commentators wonder why Americans are so poorly dressed all around the world.  I’ll tell you:  all of their good clothes were swiped from their bags-!

Which means:  you will need to go COO (carry-on only), which is also problematic now that passengers need to pay for checked bags and everyone tends to carry everything onboard.  Which translates to the overhead bins being filled.  Which means that they will make you check your carry-on bag last minute when you’re already onboard (okay, no charge, but also everything subject to theft).

Camera-BagWhich means:  you must carry all on your person.

I saw something on the Clark Howard Show a few years back that was ingenious and will assist you with this challenge.  A man had designed a raincoat that had multiple inside pockets.  One held a folded dress shirt, another a pair of shoes, another your toiletries, not sure if there was room for pajamas or not….   Maybe you should dress in layers, all the easier to get dressed for bed at night.  Perfect for the overnighter.

At security, you remove the raincoat, and lay it flat, possibly remove the toiletries.  The only other carry-on you needairport-crowd is your laptop case.  Kinda nifty.  The greatest possible problem in my mind revolves around the fact that it appeared to be a normal London Fog style raincoat—what if someone grabbed yours, instead of theirs-?!

Carry a few granola bars to avoid astronomical airport food, maybe a fold-out cup for water, an inflatable air mattress should snow or inclement water delay you, and you’re good to go.

Happy trails to you!



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