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Holidays & Doggy Family Members

There’s nothing like family time at the holidays to show us what’s important.  And when it comes to our family, our Scotties are always a vital part.

They play with us, try to eat with us, sleep with us, and generally bring joy 24/7.  So when the holidays come, they don’t really take kindly to backstage life, particularly when special foods are simmering on the stove all day long.

Grisha starts nudging me with his nose, more like shark jabs, as the dinner hour approaches.  I make sure to feed the two Scotties before it’s time for us to eat.  Naturally, they pretend like they’ve never seen food before in their life, when it comes time to serve our own multiple courses.

In order to avoid giving them scraps at the table, Benedetto slips them an extra bite in the kitchen.  I make sure that he leaves the Dijon sauce off of the lamb, even though the little guys have finely developed tastes.  The lamb is enough to convince them that they do NOT want to take a backyard run right around the time we sit down to eat.  It makes me nervous that they don’t have a spare moment to relieve themselves….

They eye the matzoh ball soup.  And the parsleyed potatoes.  And the fresh asparagus.  The flourless chocolate-orange cake is probably to their liking, as well, but they will not be having any sugar on my watch.

Misha and Grisha finally hunker down in the dining room, exhausted over the effort it takes to  get us to cough up some morsels.  We eat in peace and make sure to include them in a later movie.

A tear jerker film, Misha nuzzles up to me and settles on my lap.  I sit him upright and hold him like a baby, ready to burp.  He sinks into my shoulder, passing out while we cry our eyes out.  Grisha sits sandwiched between two of the kids, rolled over on his back with paws in the air as he happily snores.  Most of us sob, absorbed by the film’s story line, while the dogs blissfully blend into our bodies.

Ah.  Just right.



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