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Holidays from Hell

angry-woman-588-343_article_newYes, the e-mails are flooding in. As though I need e-mails to understand. Come birthdays, holidays, or any happy event, there will be some adoptee throwing a wrench in your happiness.

They cannot stand happiness. Cannot stomach it. Tolerance level for love, joy and peace is zero.

Not all adopted children, of course. But many. And you know who they are, full of PTSD and full-blown pessimism on every side.

It gets old. Very, very old. You say up, they say down. Over the meadow andangry-woman through the woods – well, God bless Grandmother’s house, because they may set it on fire. You think I’m kidding? It’s been known to happen.

They will wear exactly the opposite of what they should. They will eat and speak (if at all) in a manner meant to shame the family, past, present and future. They will bring up topics of conversation that border on the macabre or manic.

Delightful. Please pass the green bean casserole.

No matter how much coaching, they will fumble the ball every time.

And your insistence on proper behavior or manners or civility will earn YOU the title of  The Grand Meanie Who Hates Holidays. You were the one to pick a fight, after all. Why don’t you just let it go? And while you’re at it, take a long walk off a short bridge….

Business WomanIt gets old. Very, very old.

Did I say that?

I’ll also say things can only go up from here. Right?



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  1. avatar Sarahsage says:

    Ohhh Alexandra, I could hug you. As we sat down together for our meal yesterday we all spoke about what we are thankful for. Then I was asking the three kiddos what they would like from Santa as we have been busy (we are moving from London to Athens, Greece). I guess Gracie the 5 year old wasn’t getting enough attention as she smiles her beautiful smile and with a twinkle in her eye she looks at me and says ” What I really want for Christmas is a nice mommy.” What a treat to be told that by her. sigh.

    • avatar admin says:

      I hear you, Sarah! (Good to hear from you. And congrats on the impending move!) Today I bought myself a special holiday card, both for the sentiment and for the graphics. Yes, it was from ME to ME, because I will nurture myself and be kind to myself whenever necessary. It’s a glittery white papercut of a snow-covered tree with two parents in a troika/ sleigh and it reads across the top: “For Two Dear Parents”.

      Inside: “When a family shares a special love the way our family does, there’s a sense of happiness and caring, too. There’s a feeling of togetherness–whether near or far apart– and remembrance of each other all year through. And there’s a place within the heart that’s filled with loving thoughts of parents who are wonderful as you!”

      I might frame it and let everyone wonder from whence it came! $3.89 on sale for 79 cents on Black Friday… which I will write about tomorrow. Maybe I’ll try to post a photo of it. It’s not expensive to make me happy!

      The little things can often give us strength to continue the journey with renewed humor and grace. I obviously have a long way to go!

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