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Home Alone

3-country-restaurant-dining-table-03Benedetto decided to take me out to dinner the other night.  We haven’t been seeing much of each other due to our couple-days-a-week separation on the occasions when I need to be in one of our homes, and he in another. 

Rather than grab a quick bite around the corner, he made it a mini-getaway of an afternoon and evening, just the two of us, returning around the time the kids would go to bed.  thPerfect.

Naturally, we enjoyed a spectacular time, not being interrupted by others in the family, not having to police any errant behavior, etc., etc.  There we were, feeling for all the world like free spirits, nervously considering whether or not the kids were okay.

swf+behind_coupleFour teens, the most responsible of which would be absent for three hours during his sports practice.  We trusted the dogs to be good babysitters, and prayed that the kids, and the house, would be in one piece when we returned.

How do you know when kids are responsible enough to be left home alone?

1.  When you leave them on purpose for short periods of time, rather than simply forget to take them on a holiday vacation with the rest of the family.

2.  When you are sure that there are not two jailbirds recently released and casing your neighborhood for teens_group_happy_smile_anotherchildren on their own, especially around the holidays.

3.  When you believe they are old enough to rig up their own attack system to fight criminals trying to break in—heating up doorknobs, swinging cans of paint to konk the bad guys on the noggin, and activating remote control cars to capture video of what’s going down before the cops arrive.  Plus, it never hurts to have mannequins singing in the shower, or shoot-em-up movies playing on the TV.

4.  When you load them up with enough homework and extraneous chores to not have any time left for phoney-baloney.

Thus, we arrived home, two dogs wagging their tails by the front door, and four kids in bed, fast asleep, safe and sound.  A perfect date night with my husband.


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