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Home-Baked Adoptees

happy_familyEveryone knows that our children are not “home-grown”. They weren’t born here. But that’s not the end of the story. They’re “home-baked” and that’s probably more important in this day when many families are “half-baked” or “take-out”.

My husband spoke before an audience of mostly parents. He talked about our family in particular, as well as families in general. In essence, he made the point that fast-food is ruining our society.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way. We get some form of fast-food ongrilled_panini our travels about once a week as we journey between two homes about seven hours apart. When traveling in the other direction, the kids each have sandwiches (or “panini”) made by their Italian father, while I generally have a salad. Nothing wrong with fast-food. Unless it’s a steady diet.

15And what he was alluding to was the mentality of fast-food: have it your way, you deserve a break today, etc. If you think about those slogans too much, you won’t have much to impart to your family, which needs cooperation and teamwork, rather than a me-first attitude.

Love takes time and effort. Kind of like home-baked. Sure, you put the turkeywork into it, but the aromas and the pleasures of a home-cooked meal-! The turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving, the pot of soup or stew in the winter, maybe some fresh-baked bread or a warm cake….

family-dinnerStatistically, researchers tell us that families who eat just five meals together per week have a much lower incidence of all sorts of adolescent problems. Come to our house and we’ll up the ante by making you have a topic of conversation before you come to the table, as well….

Sports? Extracurriculars? That’s okay. We’ll wait. Might have a snack in the meanwhile. Or we’ll go ahead and catch our family time another meal.

Many of the families I know have kids behind closed doors, playing on breadcomputers, texting, blasting their brains with music in the headphones. The sons and daughters are anti-social, sullen, and withdrawn. What kind of life is that? It might take a bit more effort in the beginning, but it’s time to engage those young people.

You can lure them out of their rooms with home-baked love, whether it involves actual food or not. But if it does, all the better. The very aroma will lift anyone’s spirit. Give it a shot today.


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