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Homeschool Spring Assessment

college-books1It’s that time of year. We’re past the winter break mid-point, spring break three-quarter-point, and steamrolling straight toward the end of the school year. But where are the kids in their pursuit of academic excellence?

The process of figuring out their progress should be fairly straightforward. However, it all went awry when my husband took over their testing. Each time they take a unit exam, he has offered to grade them… but somehow they (the tests–if not the kids) seem to disappear.

Which is understandable. Probably neither one of us should be homeschooling because we’re involved in way too much—both of us have our various work-related responsibilities, homes and children, I’m involved in a couple of post-grad programs in my non-spare time.

He originally suggested that he grade the tests because some of the grading keys Generic pic of primary student sitting an exam.are in the back of books, others are on disks that need to be printed, and he knows that my time may be even more limited since I need to do hair and makeup on a daily basis, hah, along with feeding the dog-babies. And then the exams vanish in a cloud of his own papers and traveling files, folders, and assorted paraphernalia.

Summer schoolA couple of the kids claim that they’ve taken all sorts of tests, but for some of them I have recorded only one or two exams in a subject… since September… when they should be polishing off at least one a month in each course. Naturally, everyone has their own story of the mystery exams and why they’re missing.

We review algorithms and equations for how far along they’ll be in June. It might be a long summer for some of them. But the alternative—kids with time on their hands?

Some days, slow and steady sounds just fine.


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