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Homeschooling Hassles

Depending on your state, homeschooling families have all sorts of documents which must be submitted, portfolios retained, or attendance records kept.  For years, I wrote down exactly how many hours our kids sat and toiled away.

As the years ticked by, I realized that, in many ways, our Department of Education could care less.  They have a benign toleration for homeschoolers, the government hoping to ensure the semi-education of their young citizen-students, while not making any work for themselves.

Which means that we are expected to come up with my own high school diploma once a year to prove my worthiness as a “teacher”.  How crazy is that?

Do you know where your high school diploma is located?  Maybe you’re uber-organized, or a whole lot younger than me, but this is about the last item on my radar screen.

Every summer, our lofty city asks homeschooling parents to declare their intent to homeschool for the coming school year.  Fine, no problem.  We can list names, ages, grades, scope and sequence, etc., etc.  Then they ask for a copy of your high school diploma.


I would imagine that the reasoning goes like this:  In order to teach Grades K-12 (or any portion thereof), it might help if one has actually been graduated from high school.  Talk about high-level thinking and great expectations!  Naturally, I can’t even remember that long ago, if:  a) I ever had a high school diploma (I mean, I know I walked to the platform and shook the principal’s hand, but who got the piece of paper?), and b) where in the world would this document be stored today-?

No idea.

So the first year, I sent in a copy of my college diploma.  They seemed satisfied that, IF THEY HAD TO, they would reluctantly accept such a document to POSSIBLY indicate my suitability.  (Gee, those are the kind of educators I want instructing my kids.)

The next year, they asked for my high school diploma.  Again.  I wrote in, “College diploma on file in your office”.  They explained that they needed my high school diploma.  So I sent the college diploma copy yet again, and it seemed to hold the wolves at bay.

Next year, same deal.  Ad nauseum.

This year, I’ve had it.  Searching to locate the university diploma again and again (no, it’s not hanging on my wall) is a pain.  I have more important things on my mind, such as why doesn’t the Department of Education keep documents on file, and where can I buy more doggy poo-poo bags.  So this summer, I signed the waiver which requests that we not be required to send in my high school diploma.  Enough already.

For all I know, I’m skewing the stats downward for our district:  yet another ‘uneducated” homeschooling parent.

Does your school system drive you nuts?


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