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Homeschooling High School: Lee Binz

???????????????The ranks of the homeschoolers have a secret weapon as they head into their high school years.  Lab science, foreign language, public service—who can guide the otherwise-educated parent who generally was never homeschooled in their youth?

Lee Binz.  She’s a homeschooling mom who guided her sons years ago into full-ride scholarships.  Simultaneously.

Their detailed transcripts and college-level work while still in high school wowed admissions counselors.  Lee’s meticulous planning, research, and record-keeping set her sons apart from the crowd.  Times two.

Now she spends her time sharing that info with homeschooling parents ttsacross the nation, offering both free and paid services at www.thehomescholar.com.  Lee coaches with encouragement, training, and support.

I’ve had the opportunity to chat with her at a homeschool convention, listen to some online training sessions she hosted with another educated about how to achieve top performance on the SAT essays, and learned the various components of a tremendous transcript.  She’s fun, she’s fab, she gives away freebies, and she’s seen it all.

What a resource!  Even if I were not a homeschooling parent, I would check out her site and see what I might glean.  These are the things that most high school guidance counselors either don’t know, or don’t share about how to prep for the rest of the student’s life.

Just putting in a plug for a great lady who really knows her stuff and is willing to share it with the world (this is not a paid endorsement).  Check out Lee Binz this weekend, your student could really benefit from her inspiring ideas.


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