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Honor and Respect Pay Off

teamwork-in-the-workplace-000012107875We’ve tried to teach our children to honor and respect others.  When they greet adults, they know to stand and shake hands.  If attending a reception, they might bring someone a napkin or a soft drink.  At a dinner, they wait to eat until everyone else is seated and served.

Petya, who has a part-time job at a scholarly magazine, generally wears a jacket or sweater, shirt and tie.  The rest of Depositphotos_3366340_mthe office is in shirtsleeves because the culture there is fairly casual.  But as a teen, and the King of Filing, he needs to take it up a notch.

tiesImagine his surprise when the Head Honcho stops him one day.

“Petya, why do you wear a tie in to the office?” he asked.

“Well, Mr. _______, it’s to show you and the organization respect,” said our first-born while angels sang in the background.

“You know what, I wore ties for many decades, and now I don’t.  Petya, I’m going to bring you a couple of my ties if you’d like Respect-image-w250-h188them,” he offered.  “I can see you like a conservative look.”

business-etiquetteOr, his mother does, lol.

“Sure!” our son enthused.

Within the week, his boss brought him two of the most elegant ties that Petya would never be able to afford on his intern’s salary.  He wore one proudly to an office luncheon where he shmoozed among the bagels and bigwigs.

Isn’t that sweet?  He wasn’t coached nor coaxed.  This is just how he is.

Honor and respect will take you places.  In some circles, these are dying character traits.  Which makes them even more valuable, if you ask me.


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