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How Can Parents Chain & Starve Their Kids?

crTwelve children. Seven over the age of 18. Chained to beds. Starved. Homeschooled.


Personally, I doubt it. But that’s the bad rap that’s given to homeschoolers. You can never check up on their kids and see how they’re doing.

I’m all for home checks. Send a social worker by the house once or twice a year. Use that crtaxpayer money. But seriously, kids should be checked. There are nuts out there masquerading as parents.

It could backfire. The parents might clean the house, feed the kids for a couple of weeks and threaten them if they squeal.

So how good is that?

It’s a real problem.

Apparently David Turpin was running his own K-12 dayschool in California for his family, so maybe his kids engaged in online school with the local district. The 17-year-old who made the escape for freedom was thought to be 10 years old. She had the presence of mind to go to the police who came and found other kids chained to beds, in darkness and squalor.

Sounds like it must have been a school holiday.

crFolks, this is not homeschooling. If homeschooling were illegal, they would use some other excuse, such as the kids had some ailment which prevented them from being in school due to a medical issue. Or, the kids would go to the local school and be beaten up there. Or be raped and hazed on a college campus.

Read the statistics. Childhood and early adulthood are dangerous times. Predators in the home, predators in the school, whether teachers or coaches or peers who take advantage, college fraternities that turn into Lord of the Flies.

Someone needs to protect kids.

If Big Brother were watching in the form of our government, false reporting may take place. Kids might like to see some strict parents wind up in the slammer, so the designated reporters, or verifiers, would have to possess an extra-strong dose of common sense.

But someone has to care for children who may be abused. And who’s going to do that? With all of crthe reports coming out of Hollywood and Capitol Hill, adults can’t even protect themselves, apparently.

In a nation that has learned to blur the boundaries of what has been traditionally considered right versus wrong, who wants to hear about good versus evil?  We have rejected moral and spiritual authority. Without an ethical foundation, children (and adults) will never be safe.

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