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How Did the Kids Fare While Home Alone?

thThis was the first time we left the kids for a couple of days on their own. Before, they’ve stayed with family friends, or maybe we left them for a few hours overnight, but this time, it was really two-and-a-half days. Never mind that we were sequestered on a mountain with bears and turkeys—our thoughts and texts turned to the four teens.

The first night, they drove to visit a family and enjoy S’mores on the grill as the sun set. According to all reports, it was quite a blast. In the middle of Passover, I suggested that they take matzah instead of graham crackers. We heard stories of gourmet S’mores made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and other delectables.

The second afternoon, the four of them went to the movies with a the-jungle-book-7592grandmother-and-grandfather stand-in, dear friends who wanted to treat the kids. The elderly gentleman wanted to see “The Jungle Book”, lol. Benedetto and I did not necessarily agree with the worldview portrayed, that human beings are dangerous and man might be better off living alone, but we thought it would make a great point of departure for discussions later. And the PastaWithBroccoli-1couple wanted to buy them snacks and drinks at the movie theatre, as well, so this was definitely a fun proposition!

“Are you eating your veggies?” I inquired by text one day during our parents’ get-away.

“Yes, Mama.”

“What did you have?” my suspicious mind went into overdrive.


“That was the broccoli in the pasta?” I laughed.th

“Yes. Heh-heh.”

So much for the veggies. I figure each got a tablespoon or so.

But they survived and thrived and their laundry was done and we told them we were proud of them and another milestone passed with joy.


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