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How Does Your Garden Grow?

thSpring has sprung and it’s time to plant a garden.  Generally, Benedetto and the children do it, not understanding that I was the original Russian gardener in my childhood. 

From what I can fathom, most every Russian gardens.  That’s what dachas are made for, right?

Italians, on the other hand, might garden, but they usually are known for eating the produce, rather than producing it th– tomatoes, parsley/cilantro, eggplants, peppers….

So why am I taking over the garden if everyone else generally plants it?  Because they don’t know how to do it.

They’ve planted everything from potatoes to basil and back again, but then the family forgets to cover said garden bed with fencing and netting.  In come the rabbits, raccoons, thand other rough-around-the-edges wildlife to nibble, nibble, nibble.

Poof!  goes the garden.

I don’t see why we spend time and money to result in no return on the investment.  Therefore, I gather my supplies:  gardening gloves, seed packets, some extra topsoil, not to mention egg cartons that I’ve been hoarding to begin my seedlings.  I’ll show them how things are done-!Herb-and-Vegetable-Gardens

Benedetto doesn’t believe in seeds.  He says they never grow.  Of course, it couldn’t be that no one waters the seedlings, or protects them from predators. 

So he buys tomato seedlings, and other small plants and herbs, sticks them in the ground… and then lets the wild animals gobble them up… if not our dogs, who seem to love low-lying raspberry bushes, as well.

This year, I’m taking the plunge as life comes full-circle and I feel like I’m eight years old again.  Flowers, veggies, and fragrant herbs, here we come!

Are you planting a garden (or two)?


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  1. avatar Karen says:

    With all of this weather it has been difficult to tell when to plant this year. But we do love a garden. I enjoy planting lavender in addition to all of the edibles.
    Do you mean that you’ll be doing all of the hard labor, or do you have “people”??

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