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How Down-Time Becomes Rev-Up Time

We’re taking a couple of days off this week. It’s down-time for us, for the kids, for the dogs. Might knock us out in terms of organizing all of the logistics, but it helps us breathe freely simply to have a change of pace.

The kids like to look forward to a few days when they have to share us with no one else. As a fairly public family, we try to make mealtimes sacred with discussions and conversations designed to keep us all connected.

So I make most of our plans, organizing enough outings to keep the agenda interesting, while giving us enough time to just veg-out. While it might be measured more in minutes than in days and weeks, we try to relish every moment.

The first night, we put the kids to bed early and let them catch up on some well-needed sleep. The second night, we might order take-out food, and have an at-home picnic in a rental house in our lovely, getaway destination. The children talk, and stroll, and hike. We take photos by the dozens, immediately deleting half to get one or two special shots.

It’s all low-key, and relaxed, and positive. Sure, I still need to get up at the crack of dawn and hit the tennis courts with my son. Benedetto offers to cook a delicious breakfast each morning. We don’t always get the me-time, or couple-time, that might be worthwhile. But each of us, in our own way, recharge.

Doesn’t have to be long and drawn-out, doesn’t have to be expensive, doesn’t have to be a diversionary theme park, just takes a bit of effort to focus on the priority of family life. It’s a wonderful way to regain our energy and perspective.

Do you need to recharge?

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