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How Heavy is Your Life’s Baggage?

I travel a lot. I possess one suitcase that is always packed. If it’s a huge trip, then I have another suitcase which is… huge. But that’s for when I’m somewhere for over a week or two.

On a daily basis… I have my normal suitcase… which is normal-sized… but heavy. Which really doesn’t matter if you travel by car or if you travel by your own plane, so I’m generally good to go.

However, I do remember back in the day when for regional flights, they would weigh all passengers before you boarded! Really. Flying about four times per week to make it to different speaking engagements entailed an enormous amount of travel.

Which brings us to today. Still traveling often, some of my kids help me either in packing or carrying the suitcase. My personal valets. It should really be rolling the suitcase, but you know kids….

Long story short, one of them was carrying/hoisting/heave-hoing my bag and hurt the back. Got me to thinking: how much baggage is necessary?

What do we “carry” through life? Now that spring is turning to summer and I don’t need my turtlenecks and boots, it’s time to lighten the load. Same with a whole bunch of stuff that folks carry around inside of them: bitterness, regret, poor self-esteem, debt, excuses, blame-shifting….

How do these support you?

I remember when the kids were small. They loved to clamber aboard Mama’s or Papa’s suitcase and go for a ride.

You see, your “baggage” should be light— maybe fond memories, good jobs, a decent education, great relationships— and should be able to support you and wheel you to your next destination, rather than weigh you down, hold you behind, and hurt your back!

Lighten up today.


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