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How to Extract a Picture of My Son

Aerial view of  New York City and Empire State Building

Aerial view of New York City and Empire State Building

Fact #1: Petya is in NY.

Fact #2: I am not.

Fact #3: I will need a photo of him soon or I will not be able to stand it.

How do I persuade my son to take 10 seconds out of his busy day and send his sweet mother a pic or two? In his program, he is not allowed to text more than a couple minutes a day. Our texts go something like this.

Son:         Coming home.

New+York_CityFather: Good day?

Son:     Great. Exhausted.

Mother: Any pics?

Son:            Chinese dinner.

Father: Yum.

Mother: Get some sleep. Time for bed?

Son:     Soon. Luv you guys.

Father: Sleep well. Love you.

Mother: Miss you, love you, take photos.

Son:     Night.

New-York-1niteThis was a long exchange. So I decide to lie in wait after a week of this and only one photo of him and two other guys as far as pics with his face in it, too. I now know that their program has rules about phone usage when they should be doing other things. But I want him to have memories of his two weeks in NYC and all of the projects in which they’re involved. Is having a photo record too much to ask?

I fight thoughts of taking the next flight out and stalking him, plain and simple.

So I text in advance and the next time we chat, I send it off:

Mother: When you get a chance. Tell them parents want photos. (I involve Benedetto, but everyone new_york_city_1920sees through that one, lol.) You in project t-shirt, you & friends, doing your daily activities, NYC landmarks….

Son:     Sure, will do.

Mother: Love you.

I guess I should be thankful that Petya is not part of the selfie crowd. Maybe. He’s 2/3 of the way through his two weeks and I miss him so much. Let him do his thing. Just send me 500 photos and I won’t whine. Is that too much to ask?


I’m texted the Brooklyn Bridge by night. Beautiful.

Still no Petya pic, but I’m hopeful.

And philosophical. If he’s too busy, I’ll still see him soon.



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