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How To Let It Go…

crThere seems to be a national epidemic sweeping our land. The most major illustration of this phenomenon arose following the presidential elections and culminated in Sen. John McCain’s recent suggestion to Hillary Clinton: Time to hush up and move on.

Why keep living in the past? Why keep making excuses for failure? Why keep rehashing your own disappointments? Why get stuck?

Many simply don’t know that they can move forward. They feel that they must trash others, fight the boss, move their geography, practically do anything but deal with themselves.

But the truth is, you can control yourself. You can transform yourself. You can be happy crwith yourself.

When you’re none of the above, you voice your dissatisfaction with others. And that won’t take you to where you’re wanting to go in life.

Deal with yourself. As McCain would counsel: Get some outside interests.

Acknowledge your fears. Stay away from negative people. Let go of grudges. Learn something new. Take responsibility for yourself.  Pray and be positive.

crA lot of folks drop out from school, politics, careers, groups and friendships because they feel that they will never measure up. Rather than change themselves, they lash out and blame others.

Maybe it’s time to take a class, get a job, knit a scarf or help the homeless. Rather than rail against any perceived darkness, light a candle.


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