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How to Stay Healthy

Swift weather change.Changing weather, changing seasons.  Both can team up to deliver a double-whammy when it comes to your health.

“Have you EVER had a cold?” a friend asked me recently.

She’s known me easily for over a dozen years and never once saw me sick or sniffling.  But it does happen.  Just not very often.

Here are a few tips that we try to implement in our family, and five-tips-for-preventing-colds-articlebelieve me, we’re not neat freaks, constantly disinfecting surfaces or anything along those lines. 

Some germs are good, because they build up your immunity.  However, if you’re becoming ill, actively embracing germs would  not be the route to go, lol.

I first of all emphasize not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.  Make that any hands on your face, washed or unwashed.  It simply spreads germs around.  You don’t want that.

prevent-colds3-jpg_145001Next, it’s important to dress properly.  When it becomes cold outside, you need to dress in warm layers.  Many don’t know that cold temps cause blood vessels to constrict.  This means reduced blood flow to the heart and may account for why there are 50% more heart attacks during winter months.

Also, we believe in eating plenty of fruits and veggies.  These bolster the immune system.  I love broccoli and mushrooms, spinach and onions, tomatoes and apples.  I like to think of the foods cleaning and repairing my body from the inside-out.

An easy way to pack a big punch with vegetables is to throw them in a soup or stew.  It can simmer for hours, or enjoy prevent-colds4-jpg_145002them slightly “al dente” or crisp.  Cube some chicken or beef if you prefer, or let it be purely vegetarian.  It’s warm and soothing on a cold winter’s night and a great meal for busy days when you want to use the crockpot.  Add some grainy bread on the side, or brown rice as a base and voila`, a really healthy meal.

Finally, some good amounts of exercise, sleep, and prayer will see you through.  Exhausted people are generally not healthy people.  It took me years to learn this.

And brief “power naps” work wonders-!

Here’s to your health.


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