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How to Stay Healthy

Do your kids come down with colds, the flu, bronchitis, coughs or sniffles on a regular basis?  In our family of four children and two adults, we’ve been blessed to have only one or two colds per winter… for all of us combined.

And those are for the one or two kids who can’t keep their hands off of their faces-!

We’ve taught our children that these are viruses that are communicated.  They are caught.  So we do whatever we can do to practice healthy living.

The following is a list that you might find helpful as we wish your family good health, as well:

1.  Wash your hands.  Pushing the grocery store cart, shaking hands at sporting events, touching the same books or toys as others can add up to a whole lot of germs.  If you wash your hands on a frequent basis, or even wipe down a communal keyboard, it’s going to help.

2.  Keep your hands off of your face.  The only way a virus can enter your system is through your eyes, nose, or mouth.  If somebody sneezes nearby, turn your head away from them, too.

Good luck with these!  Should you accomplish Points 1 and 2, you will be 90% ahead of the rest of the population.

3.  Wipe counters and tables maybe once a day, or if your schedule is anything like ours, once a week might be ambitious, lol.  The general rule of thumb is the less germs, the better.

4.  Don’t rely excessively on anti-bacterial wipes.  Whether for the hands, the kitchen and bathroom, studies have shown that these can actually give rise to super-germs that are more and more resistant.  If you need to zap an area of the house or office, use them on the occasional basis.

5.  From time to time, wipe down anything in your home, office, or school that comes in contact with hands other than your own.  That’s the remote control, the computer keyboard, pencils, pens, faucets, doorknobs, and phones, to name a few.

6.  Eat your fruits and vegetables and keep well-hydrated.  Build up your immune system.  Ensure that your children are drinking water throughout the day.

7.  If you feel the beginning of a sore throat, gargle with warm salt water.  This will zap any germs on contact.  Repeat the next time it feels sore.

8.  Avoid fatty foods.  Switch to lean meats, skim milk, and less fried foods when you are fighting off a cool.  They say that saturated fats decrease your immune system’s ability to battle germs.

10.  Take some Vitamin C and Zinc every day.  These vitamins will do much of the fighting for you.

11.  It’s the perfect time of year for soups, which both hydrates and opens the nasal passages with its steam.  I like to pump them up with veggies, too.

12.  If a child is congested, pop them in a steamy shower.  The warm humidity will work wonders for the chest and nose.

13.  Attend religious services weekly.  Studies have been done indicating that weekly attendance creates more health benefits than going to the gym.  Combine it with the gym (or an outdoor walk or run) and… even better!

14.  Do get some physical exercise.  Not every school encourages physical fitness, so you might need to make up the slack.  Oxygenating the body has tremendous health payoffs.  Get them running, jumping, biking, skating.

Here’s to your health!  Do you have any good tips to share?



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